Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 Entry: e-Facilitator

Mirjana Kokerić

Country: Serbia

City/Town: Smederevo

Work Place: "Branko Radičević" Elementary School

Position: Math teacher

Years in service in current organization: 8

Years in service as e-facilitator: 8

People supported/trained100

Nominated by:  Goran Tirnanić, student


Mirjana Kokerić works in the elementary school, and she has decided to help her pupils through Math lessons math or through lessons in life coaching for better learning in school. So she has organized classes using ICT, eTwinning projects for pupils, Moodle platform to teach pupils better, to help them learn working on the computers, use software for making papers, presentations and videos, to help them learn to use eTwinning Twinspace and to help them to use Moodle lessons. She also helps other techers in her school use eTwinning platform. Her work in school is beyond regular curriculum because she wants to help her pupils to learn using ICT. She has worked with five classes every year.


Ms Kokerić has helped her pupils learn to write Math papers in Word, make presentations in PowerPoint and in the PowToon, how to write emails with proper language.

She has helped them work together and in pairs, working on the project using ICT. Some of the pupils do not have computers at home, so they worked in the school together, or they were going to the houses of their friends who have computers at home. She showed them how to work on eTwinning platform and in TwinSpace. She created project for Learning Math and Solving Conflicts in eTwinning. For her work, Mirjana Kokerić won National Quality Label for project "Meet my country" there.

Ms Kokerić has taught pupils how to be safe online. She made lessons in Moodle about how to do better in school, with training of the psychology of success, and taught pupils to use this platform.

She is currently deleveloping Moodle program for Preventing and solving conflicts in schools for teachers.


Ms Kokerić leads pupils to learn new things, to work on the computers, to work in team, to work in pairs, to collaborate. She works with different teachers in Serbia on the Internet where they exchange ideas and work experience. Other teachers use her workshop plans and outlines for pupils.

Her success factors are understanding children, their needs, their interests and empathy for their young years. So she is helping them to grow as whole persons. Her innovative training is trainning of psychology of success in learning for pupils which she is developing in Moodle. Also innovative is her course for teachers for preventing and solving conflicts in the classroom. Innovations is putting psychology and ICT together.


Ms Kokerić has helped a pupil who was neglected to be a good pupil and to have friends. She managed that through using ICT, projects on the Internet, communicating on the Internet, and developing coaching workshops for pupils.

Her innovation is in courses on the Moodle plaform for pupils and teachers for solving conflicts and for better learning.

This year she has been working on the eTwinning projects: "Creative Math Class". "Mathematical depth as depth of Adriatic and Ionian Sea", "Conflict resolutions", "Heal the world", "A school with a view", and Moodle courses of her own: "Trainning of psychology of success", "Preventing and solving conflicts" and she is developing project: "Math coaching".

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