Mjölby cooperated with a bank, social security, adult educational associations and the regional library and museum

The library of Mjölby had a rather ambitious approach – we made a program with
demonstrations every second hour at the main library, and possibility to get personal
guiding every hour in between. We also had at lot of demonstrations in two smaller
libraries. The topics varied a lot; from library topics on databases and catalogue,
talking books for people with disabilities, e-books and modern technology in the
information area, to a wide range of topics. Selling and buying, digital photo, play-tv,
music, travels, genealogy, business management, social security, energy saving and
children’s amusement. Our most unique topics were military history and “How I
found my husband on the Internet 10 years ago”.

We cooperated with a bank, social security (försäkringskassan), adult educational
associations and the regional library and museum. We spread the program and
poster widely – in food shops, health centers, dentists, barbershops, restaurants, gas
stations, receptions etc. We sent letters to organisations and homes for elderly. We
had a rather large ad in the local paper and a small one in another local paper. The
latter made an interview for their local tv-chanel, but it only remains one week in
their play-tv.

The most popular items were genealogy, local history, digital photo and Facebook
and Skype. There were some demonstrations where no one came to listen, and some
with only one or two participants. On the other hand, at these occasions we could be
very aware of the needs of those participants and they were very satisfied with the
information. We also had some individual guiding.

160 persons attended demonstrations and guiding during the week. We had very
few totally beginners, most of our visitors had used the Internet but felt insecure. We
made of course PR for our individual guiding, so we expect rather many to visit us for
further demonstrations.

/ Mona Quick , Mjölby Library, Östergötland, Sweden

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