The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has just closed off an Erasmus+ funded project under KA1 for training of some of its staff members. There were a total of 15 mobilities which took place in three organisations namely: Telecentre DenmarkASOCIACIJA "LANGAS I ATEITI" in Lithuania and Dél-alföldi Teleházak Regionális Közhasznú Egyesülete in Hungary.

The aim of this project was to collaborate with key partners across the EU to establish best practice models for prompting Digital Competence in later life, whilst also providing a channel for discussion and debate on digital inclusion issues concerning older persons. Furthermore, this has also helped staff strengthen their skills on delivering projects in learning about Internet Technologies that target older adults and address specifically the insecurities, troubles and difficulties commonly faced by this cohort of learners. 

The hosting organisastions were kind enough to share their experiences and best practises of work with MCA’s staff members and also found the time to organise visits in several of their community centres. These collaborations mainly involved sharing of knowledge and experiences, pinpointing similarities and differences between the countries in engaging the elderly in ICT, and discovering new ways to encourage best practices that focuses on engagement and motivation methods to bolster the use of ICT by the elderly.

As a result from these mobilities, staff have built a stronger relationship with all partners and discussed the possibility to apply jointly for more EU funded projects. The MCA has also, successfully launched a project entitled Getsmarter, offering training on the use of smartphones on an idea that was developed during one of these mobilities. Furthermore, the MCA is also working for another Erasmus+ project entitled We Wish a better world which was enacted during these mobilities.

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