What is the best way to learn coding?  Over 1,000 participants, who benefited from the opportunity to learn seven popular programming languages during the Week of Code on MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) created by the Togliatti State University lecturer, would surely recommend MOOC!

The Week of Code on MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) targeting school and university students, their tutors and parents, and aimed at empowering its participants with the coding skills was one of the ALL DIGITAL Week highlights in Russia.

An online course on the basics of programming "Week of Code" week_code.tilda.ws introduced participants of all ages to seven languages and programming systems: Scratch and Kodu for the youngest programmers; Small basic and Python for beginners; C#, Java, Visual Basic for advanced programmers. A separate module was intended for subject teachers; it was proposed to create interactive teaching materials through programming.

The course was created by teachers and students of Togliatti State University and is held every year during the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign. It is supervised by Olga Mikheeva, the University Professor and IT4Youth Centre coordinator, and is supported by volunteers - students of IT specialties of the university who check works.

Registration for the course was conducted at will, about 300 people attended it, including 9 preschoolers, 18 primary schoolchildren, 89 from middle school, 56 from high school; 37 students; 75 teachers, and 8 parents. 

The most popular languages were Small Basic (120 works ), Python (200), Scratch (200), and Kodu (250). Languages for advanced programmers gained just over 10 papers in each direction.

The MOOC had seven tasks, so participants could submit from one to 7 works. In total, about 900 works were submitted for checking. 23 participants completed all seven tasks.

All participants received certificates and badges for each mastered programming language, as well as a final certificate for participating in the online course.

The geography of the participants is extensive - from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, see the map of the participants at https://bit.ly/2EaBcxa


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