Open the Windows team always pointed out that families are our partners in the work with beneficiaries with different type of disabilities. Because beneficiaries visit our Center for assistive technology once or twice a week, the families are important chain in acquiring digital skills. Especially for persons with intellectual disabilities, if they doesn't repeat what they learn every day, they easily can forget it. Because of this we find families as important partner. But sometimes there are parents that also have intellectual disabilities and they don't have knowledge and information to help their child.

The example of mother Ivana shows how parents can be motivators and supportive to their children. For her experience with Open the Windows team she wrote : "We brought my son Matej at Open the Windows to learn how to use a computer. He started to visit the center once a week. While he was working I was sitting at the waiting room. We have a computer at home and I have got a desire to learn how to teach Matej at home. But I did not know how to do that, so asked them to teach me too. I agreed to become a student at the center.
Now we both work to improve our computer skills, he works with Marija and I work with Radmila. I learn how to write and edit text. I write faster on the colored keyboard.
Everyone at the center is friendly. Before we start with our work, we drink coffee and talk. I feel nice here. Ivana Zdraveva, mother of Matej"


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