Mozilla Maker Party and the Software Freedom Day in Catalonia

Punt TIC is going to participate in two international campaigns: the Mozilla Maker Party and the Software Freedom Day! On 15th September, we're organizing a meeting that will be focused on citizen participation.

We believe that technology is a powerful tool if it's on the smart-citizen hands, so we work to empower the people to become smart-citizens; that's the main idea we're working for. Free Software is really important to get this goal, so we're migrating a big number of Telecentres (almost one hundred in a few months). Let me share with you a video about this idea:

The conference will be framed in the Maker Party of Mozilla, an international campaign. There will be thousands of events around the world, and educators, teachers, organizations, Internet users, culture enthusiasts will participate. Mozilla Webmaker offers some free tools to create a web page, learning HTML and CSS, create an APP....

In Barcelona, on 15th of September, we will do a short presentation about Free Software (what is it, what it means, some reasons to work with it, etc.) and a workshop based on Appmaker.

Will you join us? You're very welcome! More information on our website!

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