Due to the quickening pace of the adoption of ICT in the museum sector, a strong disconnection between formal education and training and the world of work has been observed. The Mu.SA project aims to close that gap. Our vision is that it will contribute to raising the quality of life of the general public, by enabling museums to offer enhanced cultural experiences.

How? Firstly, the project will describe new or updated occupational profiles for museum professions that include a strong ICT dimension.

Then, Mu.SA project will produce:

  • a non-formal training methodology based on learning outcomes,
  • modular training curricula for these profiles based on e-CF and DigiComp, also including transferrable competences
  • digital OERs to support training 

To support the professional development of museum professionals, Mu.SA project will deliver a complete training offer composed of:

  • a MOOC for acquiring the basic digital and transferrable competences,
  • a specialization online training course for more advanced digital competences, and
  • workplace learning in museums

The training offer will be delivered via an online platform that stimulates sharing and exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices.

Twelve (12) partners from four (4) countries are working together in order to achieve a common goal and deliver successful outcomes that will benefit not only museums and cultural organizations, but also museum professionals and unemployed in the cultural sector. The DAISSy research group from Hellenic Open University, Greece, is the coordinator. The partnership consists of: Cultural Action Europe, a EU-wide Network of museums and cultural organizations from Belgium; ICOM Greece, ICOM Portugal and IBACN, museum sectoral organizations representing two associations of museum professionals and one regional public cultural body from Portugal, Greece and Italy respectively; Hellenic Open University, University of Porto and Link Campus University, three VET providers from Greece, Portugal and Italy; EOPPEP, a VET certification body from Greece; Symbola, a foundation whose members are social partners and cultural organizations in Italy; AKMI, Melting Pro and Mapa des Ideas, three companies specialized in training museum professionals and cultural managers, from Greece, Italy and Portugal.

You can find out more about Mu.SA project by:

  • visiting the web site: http://www.project-musa.eu/
  • following the project on Facebook: MuseumSectorAlliance
  • contacting the coordinator: Achilles Kameas, kameas@eap.gr 

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