MUNDAR: Change Your World - Annual Young Entrepreneurship Contest

Telecentre Europe Awards 2016 Entry: Best Practice

MUNDAR: Change Your World - Annual Young Entrepreneurship Contest 

Geographical range: Portugal


Contact persons: Paulo Vieira and Tatiana Gomes


MUNDAR is an annual young entrepreneurship contest, initiated by Programa Escolhas in 2013, focused on the empowerment of young people (aged 16-30) living in low social and economic territories. Currently preparing its third edition, Mundar’s consortium brings together a public institute - Programa Escolhas, a private foundation - Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, a multinational consultant - Accenture, and a creative consultancy boutique agency - TORKE+CC.

In MUNDAR we believe young people provide both the resources and the solutions to promote their own empowerment and to improve their quality of life. This contest has three strategic areas of intervention:

  • Change your world (related especially to business ideas);
  • Change your community (urban rehabilitation ideas to improve something in the community);
  • Change the world (ideas that give a solution for a certain type of a social problem).

Through the submission of ideas for change, this youth ideas contest allows participants to access funding for their ideas (2500€ maximum for each), in the scheme of a small grants initiative, stimulating them to mobilize additional support amongst local organizations and stakeholders. This initiative intends to challenge young people to submit actions with an emphasis on innovation and experimentation of solutions with a high potential for social impact and future sustainability.

All the selected ideas, besides the financial support, benefit from a creative and tutorship process at the beginning and throughout the implementation and development of the projects, focusing, among other areas, on the image, marketing and communication of the initiative from the responsibility of TORKE+CC. On the other hand, they benefit from training provided by Accenture volunteers focused on business plan development, in order to make them more aware of the steps needed to build a sustainable plan looking at the continuity of the project beyond Mundar’s financial support.

Mundar has promoted positive changes in different communities throughout the country, contributing to the well-being of its inhabitants, shaping simultaneously the self-concept and public image of young people, contributing to the entrepreneurship skills, creation of new employability opportunities, fostering the digital inclusion in several aspects.

In Mundar’s first edition it was possible to subsidize 15 projects, engaging a total of 806 young people. With the enlargement of the consortium in Mundar’s second phase, especially with the inclusion of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the number of financed ideas increased to 30. This enlargement contributes to the strengthening of this initiative sustainable plan, the involvement of private entities and other civil society organizations. In Mundar’s second edition we have involved a total of 1190 participants.


One of the differentiating aspects of Mundar is the ongoing support offered to all the project participants. All the selected ideas, besides the financial support, benefit from a creative and tutorship process at the beginning and throughout of the implementation and development of the projects, focusing amongst other areas such as the image, marketing and communication of the initiative.

The diversity of organizations in Mundar’s consortium brings complementary views and resources that prove to be an asset; bringing together a public institute, a private foundation, a multinational consultant, and a creative agency, allowing the continuity and innovation in the work model of Mundar. The actions that led to the creation of Mundar were considered a Best Practice in the ESF Empowerment HANDBOOK produced by the Learning Network on Empowerment and Inclusion.

This young entrepreneurship annual contest has gained relevance year after year in the national context due to the impacts generated throughout the country in different communities, affecting and changing lives. This initiative contributes to the development of entrepreneurship skills, the creation of new employability opportunities and it fosters the digital inclusion in several aspects. It creates an environment where the participants can upgrade their skills and augment their possibilities to find or create their own job.

Mundar’s model of ideas selection/approval, is based in two phases; the first being based on the application forms analyses considering evaluation criteria such as innovation, cost/benefit relation, suitability, quality and sustainability; and the second consisting of presenting the idea in a pitch of 2/3 minutes, which gives the opportunity for the youngsters to develop written and communication skills and to defend their idea in front of a jury.

The impact of Mundar goes beyond the ideas created and implemented, because it’s possible to see the impact in the self-esteem of the youngsters, their experience being more valued by their communities, becoming more confident, embanking this opportunity to develop their personal, social and professional skills. 

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