Before this project I gave ICT lessons to seniors for a year.  Through that year over 50 people finished the course. It was my first „real“ job and I was very excited about it. I like how my boss gave me freedom to make my own schedule and he gave me all resources I needed. Usually we had first group meeting where we presented ICT course, its purpose and idea. You can get very motivated when you see people older than 50 years who unfortunately show more energy than many young people I know. Their hunger for knowledge is stunning. In a second you are surrounded by people who ask so many questions and you realize this whole thing has a big purpose. You become responsible for your students and it´s a big responsibility because they are entering entire new world and you have to show it to them. At first seniors try to convince you and themselves that  they might be too old for ICT and it´s something only for the youth. Of course you learn new things along with them and sometimes they tell you about their lives. Among many stories they recalled their jobs. So that is how I got an idea fot Trans e–Scouts project. After first module in Barcelona I didn´t think too much.

I gathered 13 seniors and 13 youth. In the beginning 28 youth applied but our classroom was to small. These youth were all students of Secondary School of Economics and first thing I learned them was how to act while teaching seniors. Most of the talk was of course about patience. It´s not easy to give lessons to other people especially if between you and them is a big age difference. Preparing seniors for youth was another story. All of them had experiance in entrepreneurship or managment so we formed working groups for youth.  Teams were formed due to people´s experience. In that case we had tourism team, farming team, finance and accounting team and human resources team. Ideas just came along so students through business canvas developed their „virtual businesses“. I realized the importance of connection between youth and seniors.  


In the end we were all sorry the whole project was finished so quickly. After the presentatition of business ideas and a long discussion everybody were satisfied about the whole concept of exchanging knowledge between youth and seniors. You could have seen sparkle in the eyes of participants. Those in the eyes of youth for begin something new, to become an entrepreneur and those in the eyes of seniors to become young again and start all over again.


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Comment by Gordana Stankov on July 1, 2015 at 12:07

Nikola, thanks a lot for sharing this story from a very personal angle. Great enthusiasm and commitment! Good luck in your future projects!

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