I want to share with you my project named ,, #FootballPeople weeks " -

Football against racism and discrimination

F.A.R.E.- 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 ” 


Our project are relate to football, but also other sports and address issues around discrimination and exclusion, or social inclusion and diversity..

Coordinators project:

  • FARE network - european coordinator

  • Club Sportiv Supersport Baia Mare, Romania - ONG

  • Liceul Teoretic Emil Racoviţă Baia Mare, România - Secondary school

What lessons can others learn from our  project?

  • Addressing cross curricular project involving more subjects (Romanian and English Language, Physical Education and Sport, Arts education, ICT, Music education, etc) defines an innovative method of teaching and learning.

  • Informal and nonformal mtehodes used in project is a requirement of quality education.

  • Although the basic theme is sports, many activities have led to a transdisciplinary approach to the educational process, through which students:

  •                     assume roles in the team, developing prosocial behavior,

  •                     develop their learning to learn competence

  •                     develop their critical and creative thinking

  •                     develop their language skills

  •             develop the ability to solve problems in new situations encountered by applying acquired knowledge

  • Students and teachers generate new ideas, so that the virtual environment, we could participate in an exchange of experiences and best practices where creativity, imagination and innovation have played a very important role.

  • The project addresses to all age groups, regardless of gender, religion, physical condition, social environement , etc, so that the proposed activities can be adapted to the requirements, needs, material conditions.

Evaluation / Impact project will be determined by:

  •  The number of partener schools and the number of participants directly involved in activities

  •  increasing level of collaboration, social integration and solidarity of the target groups

  •  increasing social responsibility and solidarity of students, teachers, other community members

  • increasing interest of participants for involvement in extracurricular activities / projects

  • improving the image of the school and sport club in the local and European community

  • materials produced by the project: presentations, photographs, posters, drawings, essays, films, etc.

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