MytecC- Mediterranean Youth Technology

MYTecC is a crossroad where youngsters meet to delve from the Web 2.0 technologies related knowledge and skills that would help them succeed in their lifelong professional journey, it’s a human network across borders bringing youngsters together to interact, share ideas and know about other cultures, it’s a fertile platform where young minds can grow in harmony and open up to a globalizing world, it’s definitely a unique opportunity for yout to shine and become tomorrow’s business and social leaders.
You can find more information at this webside

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Comment by David Banes on January 8, 2009 at 12:23
We are currently looking at firm dates for our new event - in the meantime the materials from the first event are available for download from for free

Ill postthese seperately on the site as well for others who may be interested
Comment by Burcu Kilinc on January 8, 2009 at 10:45
Actulally this project's target group is between 14 to 18 years old and MYTecC supports young participants on IT skills, technical English language as well as soft skills by its volunteer young instructors. Young people receive IT Essential – Hardware and Software trainings, and the social curriculum of the project supports their leadership and social responsibility skills. With the social curriculum youth are empowered on subject areas such as democracy, active citizenship, leadership, cultural dialogue and youth entrepreneurship.
MYTecC also offers capacity development and utilization of ICTs for tolerance and peace in Turkey, Israel, Portugal, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, Cyprus, Palestine and Jordan.
we implent this project, corporation with Cisco System and UNICTDAR. If you want more ınformation than it you can ask it to me or check the webside..
Comment by David Banes on January 5, 2009 at 18:59
One of the issues with web 2.0 and beyond is what will it look like for disabled users. It offers so much potential in terms of contact, communication and collaboration and I use many of the applications daily, twitter, youtube, myspace etc

However, the engines that drive these tools are often not designed well for those with special needs, and users create great content that is not easily available to those using assistive technologies

Thats so frustrating as the actual resources are often great for all users, last year we ran a days workshop on accessibility 2.0 and an update to that is planned for 2009 - its also worth looking at resources like overstream for captioning youtube videos or as a collaborative mindmapping tool that is ideal for groups including those with Dyslexia or memory problems

Do let me know if you want any details


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