New innovative Hub of Technology by Simbioza Slovenia

Innovative hub of technology Simbioza BTC City Lab was established in November 2017 as the first in Slovenia, which brings a new step towards strengthening intergenerational cooperation to develop and use digital skills.

Institute Simbioza Genesis, social enterprise, and BTC Group joined forces to open Simbioza BTC City Lab, where people aged over 50 have the possibility to learn about new technologies, products, apps, and smart solutions for everyday living. The space is open to learn, develop and encourage new business ideas through entrepreneurship and educational activities.

To start with, Simbioza prepared three programs to gain digital skills, develop ideas and practice mentorship. The first program, which already started in December, 2017, is My Third Career. Here Simbioza members can visit various workshops on e-skills on a daily basis, such as smart phones, tablet computers, digital photography, e-portals, e-commerce, etc. This program aims also at people that are preparing for retirement. Another program that will follow in early 2018, is Accelerator 55+. It is an entrepreneurial-educational start-up incubator for elder people that need support and encouragement with their potential business ideas. Within this program participants will tackle social challenges, such as rapid ageing, in two ways: helping improve existing products or services or develop new ones. As seniors carry loads of knowledge and experiences, there are many proactive retired people that still want to share their skills, which we see on a daily basis within our intergenerational workshops. This lead us to the third program, Senior Intern, where we want to connect organizations that would offer paid internships with seniors who are still ready to work, acknowledging legal framework and adjusted working positions.

Simbioza is also a member of national FabLab Network Slovenia, where we see the Simbioza BTC City Lab as a perfect growing environment for people aged over 50 to get their experiences and knowledge with the help of young people, who teach and coordinate the program.

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