New opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities

In 2010, EOS Foundation Romania and "Pentru Voi" Foundation developed a partnership to support the inclusion and welfare of people with intellectual disabilities. The partnership started with a pilot project for nine beneficiaries, and was aimed at increasing the quality of their life.

Pilot of the project

Intellectual disabilities affect the way someone learns, communicates or does some everyday things. During the pilot project, the trainees had the opportunity to learn the basics of computer use, during a total of 24 hours spread over a period of three weeks.

7 of the 9 trainees were employed in the copy center workshop of the "Pentru Voi” Protected Unit. All participants were eager to start the course and the first meeting was full of emotions, as they were all keeping their eyes & ears fully open for the indications received.


"We enjoy this type of collaboration and hope to continue the project for other beneficiaries too. The project is welcome in this time of crisis, when people with disabilities are the most disadvantaged on the labor market, and specialization courses like these are far beyond their financial possibilities" said Laila Onu, CEO of Pentru Voi Foundation.

“It was nice and it was easy. I am waiting for the next meeting to learn more things” said Adi Moldovan, one of the trainees.

"Although this partnership represents for us a pioneering stage regarding the use of new technologies for people with intellectual disabilities, I would like to believe that we made a little contribution in helping them to get over certaines communication difficulties and in having an easier transition in society” said Gabriela Barna, Manager of EOS Foundation.

Future of the project

As the pilot project gave good results among its beneficiaries, the partnership goes on and other groups of adults with intellectual disabilities will now be trained in ICT.

We are very happy that through this program we were able to offer support to one of our country's most disadvantaged population categories and managed to exceed the barriers for people with mental disabilities.

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Comment by Nabil Eid on October 7, 2012 at 17:37

Thanks Alina for the post,

Really, we can achieve more opportunities for People with Disabilities through AT and ICT 

ICT plays vital role for development of PwDs.

Comment by ahmed eisa on October 7, 2012 at 15:19

 the first anniversary of foundation

Comment by ahmed eisa on October 7, 2012 at 15:17

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