NGO Ofok Human Development’s Impact on Education

"Ofok NGO for Human Development began as one of the many IT Clubs "telecenter" in Egypt to eventually expand into a respectable learning institute. Ofok is now a regional academy for Sun and Cisco academy track courses. Following its humble success in the land of the Pharaohs, it now wants to share its success story with telecentre in other countries"

The Ofok NGO story started with three brothers with limited facilities who opened a small IT Club in Cairo. After witnessing the demand for IT skills and the lack of learning centers offering such skills, Ofok decided it would take education in its own hands by offering high-quality IT knowledge to all its students. At first, it began offering introductory courses through Cisco’s IT Essentials 1 and 2 to anyone wanting to become an IT technician. Ofok’s success in this endeavor took prominence when the first youngest IT Essentials 1 student in the world became certified from its Digital Academy in 2007. This eventually led Cisco Systems to lower the minimum age level for IT Essentials 1 from the ages of 14 to 12!

Ofok was now making its name and its vision a reality: High quality education affordable to all. And this is one of the problems that many developing countries are encountering – lack of skilled labor and the difficulty in making higher education courses available to the wider general public – a problem which Ofok and like-minded organizations are trying to resolve. So what does this mean? High qualified individuals would mean better employment prospects, the possibility for people coming together to offer good quality services, and the chance of developing software and other IT related projects.

Ofok believes that the Telecenter initiative is a great way to have IT Clubs develop and expand to offer such services in the same way it did. Ofok is willing to share its business model with those IT Clubs wanting to become local academies so that the transition be made as smoothly as possible and without incurring any high-costs… something all IT Clubs willing to follow in the same footsteps should perhaps look into.

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Thanks for sharing this information and experiences.

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