It's time for a quick conclusion. I believe e-Inclusion conference had a legitimate focus on e-Government, disability, and ageing well issues. By default, that made the event a pretty conservative one, aimed at taking stock and consolidating rather than attempting to move things forward. But sometimes strange ideas can be more useful than straight ideas. As such, the conference may have missed out on a very important and stimulating element – let’s call it, the fringe. Meeting European Commissioner, Mr. Nick Batey, this lunch time hour, informally at the Telecentre Europe’s stand, was absolutely heuristic. We (Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, Polish) shared this feedback with him and he admitted how difficult it was to speak let alone draw-in the other world: the hackers, the nuts, the educationally illiterate young or drop-out kids turned masters of the digital kingdom, who create social or entertaining worlds ex nihilo, but prefer to stay outside the main stream. Yes. I think one of the major challenges of digital inclusion (not the only one of course), which should be addressed as a matter of priority, is: How can the fringe be e-included?

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Comment by Adrian Popa on December 29, 2008 at 12:41
I know. I wrote that shortly after meeting Nick. The conversation obviously touched on other points (and were other participants as well). But this one mattered to me. I was only wondering if the conference wasn't too conservative. Perhaps, it had to be. I think most people (speakers and audience alike) were not cutting-edge technology-driven freeks. Rob touched a sesitive chord in his address when he asked the audience how fast the fast-growing technology around them was. Most people said it would slow down - "it had to, otherwise who could catch up?" But that may well be a little over-optimistic. Hence my thought at the time, which Nick took very graciously, that some fringe elements would have beneficially peppered a conference on e-Inclusion. Maybe, the game industry should have been invited...I know some are looking in that direction for fresh ideas.
Comment by Burcu Kilinc on December 29, 2008 at 0:00
I have just noticed your blog.. You considered of our conservation very diffirent.. Interesting..

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