Two more speakers dwelt on the American connection. How good was he? Well, very good it seems; because politics, like competitive games, is about winning. Other politicians used the Internet before. The most memorable example perhaps is Howard Dean, a relatively unknown 2004 US presidential candidate, who managed to raise a lot of small amounts of money from private individuals. But Obama is undoubtedly the ultimate long time machine who made success an ICT issue par excellence. He assembled a large team (some 90 people worked for him online), collected 13 million email addresses and sent regular messages (with a personal touch and reference to recent events), and then just in the last couple of days (leaving McCain no time to respond) Obama surprisingly launched a powerful iPhone application. So, it does appear that political campaigning world wide will never be the same after Obama. Oh, and one last (Democrat) comment was: newspapers today say McCain started using Twitter - meaning, too little, too late.

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