Ofok making impact on Global Community Development!

"Ofok making impact on Global Community Development"

Global Community Development is taking a new turn in Egypt. A reputable NGO by the name of “Ofok” (meaning “horizon” in Arabic) is currently doing some outstanding work to change and empower local communities. No doubt that any development must first start with the individual; but sharing knowledge and the application of powerful solutions to real life problems can only take place if an effective human network exists. The formula for community development, therefore, is as follows:

"Human Development + Human Networks = Community Development"

Ofok is already well known for its high-quality training in ICT and business skills, thus filling in the first part of the equation. However, the real novelty comes with the release of its proprietary “Ofok Human Network” which is intended to fill in the second part of the equation.

Through the “Ofok Human Network” individuals with a passion for social change can meet, get organized, and take advantage of the opportunity to work together. This can take on many forms. For example, savvy technical students may meet through Ofok’s Human Network; each of them may complement the other in the skills they possess and then together they may decide to form a company. Some businesses may need basic training, and by getting acquainted with a particular group of trainers, they can receive the right training which will give them a much needed competitive advantage. Essentially, the Ofok Human Network is a network of networks, connecting people and networks together who share similar interests in a wide range of different fields, ranging from Health, Agriculture, IT, and education to anything else you can imagine.

The Internet which is growing widely all over the world is now a real platform that connects all Human Development contributors in one place at the same time. Consequently, the Ofok Human Network will benefit communities through education; create a new generation of entrepreneurs; and lead to the establishment of micro-enterprises and SMBs. It is the first of its kind in the Middle East, and the only one to be in Arabic… What can we say? Bravo Ofok!

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