Dear community members,

We are 4 weeks away from Riga and the global telecentre community is impressed about the way we europeans succeed in "keeping up the momentum" through our virtual existence at

So here comes like a kind of "resume" of why everybody is so excited about us :)

Community's member increase
We are going at a rythm of 9 new members a week now. 4 more Riga participants joined: Johanna Giorgi (Sweden), Ionela Zamfir (Romania), Loreta Krizinauskiene (Lithuania) and Justyna Muranowicz (Poland). Together with Tatiana Glad from The Netherlands (who couldn't make it to Riga but was already a community member), 3 new european colleagues joined our community: Julia David from Nonprofit Information and Training Centre (Hungary) and Marta Manss & Isidre Bermudez from Esplai Foundation (Spain). We also had 1 overseas colleague joining us: Ravi Gupta from CSDMS, India, the organization that publishes the Telecentre Magazine in collaboration with

Although some are very impressed by these figures, we feel like we haven't got enough of it yet.
Because imagine: 19 Riga participants still didn't show up at our virtual office of The same counts for 39 non-Riga community members...

So, next week, I will organize a kind of "email harassment campaign" to get them all onto the ship and work together with the rest of us! I am counting on the collaboration of all of you:)

But - maybe yes - there ARE some reasons to be impressed. Before Riga, the european community emaillist counted 104 members. Today, our community exists of 123 members. That's a 15% growth in only one month's time! Really not bad at all:)

Member's activity increase
Especially this week, there was a harsh "competition" going on to keep your face "featured on main". Because much more members decided to take up activity, so "featured faces" changed quickly.

This week, it wasn't so much about "performing the slightest activity" (like adding some minimal profile info, joining groups, posting photos or just for being new...). What counted now was to REMAIN active and to take up some sort of responsibility: posting an event, filling the new profile questions at your page settings, initiating & configurating groups, starting forum discussions, starting group discussions and not to forget: replying to any discussion going on!

That's how Ravi Gupta, Katarzyna Zmijewska, Vasile Deac, Gabi Barna, Seda Atabay, Pawel Makowiecki, Christophe Devolder, Ian Clifford, Maria Garrido, Tatiana Glad, Marcia Chandra, Spass Kostov and Esther Esteban became - and stayed - "featured on main" during several days!

A special price though I want to hand over to Frederic Cusí. In all his quietness, he is the only member of our online community that customized the header background of his page with a personal picture: an amazing beautiful view of Catalan's "correfoc" celebration. It inspired me to encourage the rest of you to add more of this kind of "local folklore" to the look & feel of your personal pages. We ARE a rich mix of european culture after all, aren't we?

Group's activity increase
This week 1 new group was created: the EU Advocacy Taskforce, initiated by Christophe Devolder. Some of the other groups changed leaders/administrators: Volunteer Exchangers (Seda Atabay), Research Working Group (Maria Garrido) and Communications (myself).

3 groups started to work and opened their first group discussion: the Ning Freaks, the Knowledge Sharing Taskforce and the European Fundraising Team. All groups are waiting now for more groupmembers to reply to an existing discussion or to start a new group discussion.

Steering committee
Like every wednesday, the Steering Committee held its weekly conference call. The minutes of this third meeting are still under revision, but the minutes of meeting #1 and #2 are available for your consulting & feedback at the Steering Committee category of's Forum.

I must admit that this week I became kind of emotional from seeing everybody taking up so much activity... We CAN be proud of the impression we made :)

Thanks to all of you for all of this!

lots of hugs,

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