Press Conference and Exhibition Opening Ceremony, Vienna 2008, 1st day

"A very important conference at an important time" – with these words, Mrs. Heidrun Silhavy summed up everything, what E-inclusion is. I feel that everything we do is translated into the world surrounding us and how important it is, what do we do today, not what we will do tomorrow.

Their statements were promises, hopes, announces. Rather general topics were discussed. What will it be, what is now...

In brief what was said in addressing several issues:

- Young people teach older people
- Everyone involved in E-inclusion look to the future together
- Everyone, who presented their ideas, wants to introduce high-speed Internet access, more than the minimum 512kB
- One of the speakers described the previous conference, pointing out that this is the biggest, most crucial one, generally to sum up the action, what has been done before.
- Unanimously the speakers want to break down barriers to Internet access

The conference is at a very high level of technology. Despite my young age and appearance, I was very friendly adopted.

After the conference, the exhibition was officially opened. Six speakers were divided into groups and visited exhibitions stands one by one.

AND SOME EXTRA... [ HOST Village ]

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Comment by Lize De Clercq on December 1, 2008 at 9:38
Hi Andrzej:) Beautiful post. Starting with a quote, lots of pictures, a quick round up, your personal note. You are the best;)
Thanks for everything, you are all just being amazing here. I must say: I AM impressed, just didn't know the youth of today is so conference-blogging-savy ;)

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