Press Conference in Vienna

European Commission’s members

Heidrun Silhavy, Federal Minister for woman, Media and Regional Policy, Austria: “ICT development is a very important thing for our society, because of the economy’ turbulences. Our purpose is to offer poor people and disability persons the chance to involve in the development of the society. We want that non-academicly, migrants and young people can acces Intrernet.
Eric Besson, Minister of State to the Prime Minister, with responsibility for Forward Planning, Assessment of Public Policies and Development of the Digital Economy, France: “ICT companies have developed a lot in the last years. Nowadays it’s essential to know how to use the Internet. It’s easier to get done with the formalities and the possibility of a fast contact with different cultures and acces to education. E-inclusion means social cohesion and the attempt to bring people together through ICT. Without having knowledge about Internet it represents a large problem, from a social point of view. That’s why we have to develop the acces to technology for that part of society which is vulnerable.”
Erwin Buchinger, Federal Minister of Social Affaires and Consumer, Austria: “We can make the use of isolated groups to grow up. To bear in mind the fact that on 3rd December is The European Day of Disability Persons, we desire the information and communication acces being free”.
Fabio Colasanti, General Director of Information Society and Media Directorate said that E.U. is supporting financially this project. It is a programme that will be on-going for many years from now on.

Romanian team:
Editors: Viorica Sîrbu, Tiberius Țurcaș
Image: Sergiu Dema, Silviu Stoian

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