Prize for courage, prize for openness and access to information

Within the campaign Get Online 2013! We bring Moldova Online Together!, INFONET Alliance awarded a prize for openness and access to information to the mayoralty of the village Iordanovca for their ambition and courage.
Iordanovca is a small village in the southern Basarabeasca district with a population of only 950, of whom 17.68 per cent have left for abroad looking for a job.
After “scanning the environment” it was ascertained that over 90 per cent of Iordanovca residents had no access to official administrative information and the community’s diaspora was practically excluded from the decision-making process. The solution identified by the community was to open the local government data, to ensure transparency and optimize the operation of the local public authorities by using ICT and by involving ordinary people (including from diaspora) in the decision-making process.

The public association Bastina in partnership with the Iordanovca mayoralty successfully implemented the project Optimizing and Enhancing the Responsibility of the Local Public Adm.... The Iordanovca Local Council approved the plan of ensuring transparency in the local administrative process a.... Thus a new gateway appeared on the “map of information searchers” – INFONET Alliance backed the community’s effort and donated a computer to the Iordanovca village mayoralty to stock and archive local administrative documents, thus ensuring everybody’s access to them.

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