Programming basics will help successful start of the future career of young people


Association „Langas į ateitį“ is currently intensely working on a new local project titled  Through Coding Basics to IT Careers which is expected to improve ICT skills such as computer program design, development and coding basics needed for successful start of the future career of young people.

In the coming 5 years the demand for information and communications technology specialists in Lithuania will be five times higher than the supply. According to the study by the association Infobalt, there will be a demand for 17,500 ICT specialists, while Lithuanian higher education institutions will prepare 3,200 graduates. Many starting positions in the ICT field require only the beginner’s level of knowledge of Computer Science and understanding of programming basics. Most of young people already have constant access to technology and some ICT experience enough to gain with a few months of intensive course required knowledge and skills to begin their ICT career.

Microsoft funded project Through Coding Basics to IT Careers  is planned to engage secondary school teachers, train them so that they could be able introduce to the students the principles of programming which will encourage them to become a IT specialist in the future. The aim of this project is to encourage 10-14 y. o.  youngsters to get interested in programming at school, obtain initial coding skills and thus prepare for the future digital jobs and become more desirable in the labour market. At the same time the project will fill the gap of  the huge shortage of professionals in the IT sector.

The curriculum and learning materials for middle school teachers heavily rely on basic game programming such as Kodu learning methodology. |In August we will have pilot train-of-trainer session with  a group of 20 motivated and open-minded teachers. After the pilot training course the participants /teachers will transfer that knowledge to the classroom and students. But most important – top their colleagues educators. We plan to reach our goal in schools by developing a sustainable network of school teachers and providing them with relevant programming learning methodology as well as classwork and homework materials. We expect to localize and develop basic programming learning methodology for teachers and pupils, build the Kodu training network community and invite at least 300 teachers to participate in it, and stimulate pupils’ interest in programming.



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Comment by Loreta Krizinauskiene on July 15, 2016 at 8:09

up to 15, middle secondary school

Comment by MANUS HANRATTY on July 14, 2016 at 16:49

hi Loreta, what age group does Kodu work for best?



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