Rethinking Government and Democracy for the Digital Age

A more efficient government, security and education, a higher level of learning in schools: all of these can become possible if we try a different nature and structure of the government. Why do we need the change? It’s simple: firstly, because all of us want to know where our money is going. Then, because we need transparency, we want our point of view to be taken into account.
Don Tapscott (business executive, author, consultant and speaker based in Toronto, Ontario and one of the participants to eGovernment Conference) is proposing now, in a charismatic way, at the e-Government Conference drivers for change, rethinking government, rethinking democracy for the Digital Age and he is directing our attention to an eGovernment .
“We should become a government which moves inside of the society and becomes part of that society”, says Don Tapscott.
How they want to do this?
Tapscott thinks teenagers have no fear of the technology, because for them technology means air. Facebook, twitters, blogs aren’t something new for them, teenagers are some kinds of actors, behind the computers. They are digital natives, the base of the digital world, of the “digital age”. The idea of change must start from them.
That’s why one of the aspects of the 5th plenary session which takes place in Malmo is the attempt to bring more young people together and convince them to become involved with the new government, for a faster development of the eGovernment.

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Comment by Adrian Popa on November 19, 2009 at 20:58
Just wondering. Will political positions be one day negociated among best bloggers/twitters/facebookers? If politicians are not coming from that stock, what chances are there for them to meaningfully engage the digitally conversant young people? Politicians may be e-catching up (because they must), but are they really at home in the e-environment? Indeed, should they?

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