Robotics Competitions is the Ideal Launching Pad for Creating Future Innovators

ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 in the Russian Ursk (a remote Siberian village) after-school coding club was highlighted with the Robotics Competition for junior schoolchildren. The participants experimented with logic ideas using LEGO WeDo kits.

To celebrate ALL DIGITAL Week 2019 with young coders, a Computer Science (CS) teacher and coding club mentor from the Ursk remote secondary school organized a competition that required participants to design and build robots using Lego bricks, motors, and sensors.

Within an hour, six teams each consisting of 2 members, were bringing their creations to life, testing various solutions, making their robots move, talk, see and sense their surroundings. The scoring for the competition focused on speed and precision with which the challenge was completed.

The most exciting and amazing moment was when the teacher announced the results - the winning team was able to build five functional robots of varying complexities!

“I really like new LEGO WeDo kits! I enjoyed creating my robots! I am soooo happy to win the competition!” one of the winners was absolutely overjoyed!

In the teacher’s opinion, all the teams were great, and the best result of the competition is one positive and engaging experience in being creators of technology.

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