Safer internet day in LT: think twice, Buddy, before downloading!

On February 5th and together with 100 countries all over Europe & the world, Lithuania has been commemorating the International Safer Internet Day 2013 (SID 2013) This tenth edition of the initiative was loud, well-seen and very successful countrywide.

Thanks to the collaboration of social partners, lots of events & initiatives were held. The most important events were located in the biggest cities of Lithuania and broadcasted throughout the rest of the country. 

SID 2013 spread all over the country

Next to the media coverage with numerous press releases, 5 radio shows, TV news, social media etc., on February 1st, an online lecture for parents was organised by “Langas į ateitį“. All Lithuanian parents and carers were invited to come to the local libraries to watch the webinar entitled “How to ensure safer online and mobile phones communication of our kids”.

The live broadcasting started with an introduction of SID 2013, followed by a second part that was dedicated to the lecture of psychologist Dr. Povilaitis. He introduced the participants to the most frequent problems met by kids on the internet, gave advice on how to better understand our children and offered  recommendations on how to protect our little family members from Internet threats such as bullying, grooming & illegal content.

More than 6500 adults participated in the webinar, visiting 500 libraries and their branches all over the country.

Youth forums

On SID 2013, 4 youth forums were held in the biggest cities of Lithuania and over 700 school children & 200 adults (teachers, carers, parents, quests from municipalities, journalists, etc.) participated.

All 4 events were connected with each other by a video conference and children from 4 different cities could see each other on the big screens of the venue.

The venue on the internet was observed by almost all schools in the country. Many parents joined as well.

The event programme included:
•    The introduction of the participants from every city
•    The ratifying of the Internet Etiquette of Respectful Behaviour Online
•    A very emotional and interesting lecture by the Lithuanian celebrity Arnas Lukosius
•    Bullying simulation games
•    The Awards Ceremony of previous contests
•    Lotteries & tests
•    A closing concert with participants from the TV show X-factor

Internet Etiquette of Respectful Behaviour Online

Online reputation and polite communication in social networks, email & anonymous commenting are the main parts of the Internet Etiquette of Respectful Behaviour Online

All Lithuanian children were encouraged to participate in the creation of the Etiquette, email their ideas and vote online for the best ones.

The final version was ratified during the SID 2013 event.

Are you safe on the internet?

A brand new educational test for youngsters Are you safe on the internet? was launched by “Langas į ateitį“ during SID 2013.

Over 1000 young participants have tested their knowledge and received valuable advices on the very first day of the launch.

More activities

Besides the already mentioned activities on Safer Internet Day 2013, the topic of safer internet was included in the questionnaire of the most popular TV show for school children – “Children of the Millennium” and will be broadcasted on February 8th.
SID 2013 in Lithuania was organised in the frame of Safer Internet project, funded by the EC, project consortium partners and the Telecommunication Company TEO LT.

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