Sara Mora Tormo wins MyTelecentre@Work Photo Essay Contest for Europe

The Photo Essay posted by Sara Mora Tormo from the Gavarda Telecentre (Valencia, Spain) has been judged with the highest scores for creativity & relevance and for clarity of the captions that explain the story behind the pictures.

Sara Mora Tormo is one of the Top 100 Most Outstanding Telecentre Women listed by Foundation and now also Europe's winner of the Global Photo Essay Contest. She will receive a goody bag full of gifts and a holiday e-card made from her photo essay, to be disseminated globally through's website!

Through her album, she best explained why the Gavarda Telecentre is making a difference in this world. This is the report that we have drawn up as a panel of judges (Ian Clifford, Gabi Barna, Laurentiu Bunescu & Lize De Clercq):

"Sara Mora Tormo, both through her submitted story for the Outstanding Women Campaign as through the selected pictures that illustrate her story, explains a step-by-step strategy to obtain results for one of the biggest challenges Telecentre operators are dealing with daily:

How to motivate people unwilling to engage and without any computer skills for taking up a basic course in computing and the internet?"

If you are curious to find out more about her method: watch the winning photo essay and read Sara Mora Tormo's story! Foundation and Telecentre-Europe AISBL would like to thank all 3 participants for submitting their albums. These are the combined results of the judges' scores:

1. Photo Essay from Gavard Telecentre, Valencia, Spain (submitted by Sara Mora Tormo)
score: 60% creativity & relevance, 25% clarity & captions
2. Photo Essay from Centre of Technical Culture, Rijeka, Hungary (submitted by Ante Šušnjar)
score: 50% creativity & relevance, 30% clarity & captions
3. Photo Essay from eHungary Point, Magyarcéc, Hungary (submitted by Sándor Ferge)
score: 30% creativity & relevance, 10% clarity & captions

Next year, we hope to receive more submissions for this wonderful campaign...!

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