The morning session started from the speeches of Daniel Ben Horin from TechSoup Global and Ramazan Altinok- Head of e-Government Advisory Group from Turkish prime Ministry. For all of the participants it was good opportunity to hear sometning more about turkish policy in the IT area. Everyone could compare the experiences of their own countries with turkish work in this topic. After that, everyone joined one of two workshops: capacity building or sustainability. I was working with 15 people at capacity building workstream. At the beginning we were divided into two groups- we were discussing if it is better that Telecentres are fundin by private sector or by government. The conclussion was that telecentres should try to get some finnancial support both from private sector and from government. People from different countries could also give some examples of their experiences how to reach every part of society what exactly means ''capacity building''. Ian Clifford from UK online centres told us that there are 3 the most importat things which can help us with the capacity building: market development, network development and stakeholder development. I think that it was really fruitful time for all of the participants. Now we are expacting to hear some interesting stories from Romania and Lithuania- they are going to present us the work of their organisations...

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