“Senior employment” program at Telecentre the National College "Horea, Closca and Crisan" from Alba Iulia-Romania

The society that we live in, sets us some kind of rules to assure us a good life. But why? Because we evolved and nowadays “artificial minds”  easily compete with us.

During the campaign „Get Online Week 2015”(GOW 2015) we introduced these people who have been overcomed by the time to understand how to manage nowadays while having the possibility to ask for help that didn’t exist in their past, The Internet. Some persons couldn’t „detach” themselfs from their old habbits for embracing the new ones, and when the circumstances forced them, it was too late.

The 9th grade class from the National College”Horea, Closca and Crisan” from Alba Iulia, Romania, wanted to help all these people who were unemployed thinking that they could offer them a new chance in this world which made a huge progress in technology.

The computer was introduced to those persones and how it can be used. Some of them  have never used one before.The students showed them a website which helped them to fiind a new job according to their skills and possiblities. These are people that suffered because of restructurings and they deserve something better.They wished to fight for an income which is extremely important for their lifes. Even if they got to an older age they dealt succesfully with the new things they have learned from the students.The students who were guided by their class master, Humeniuc Ramona, finished the class, hoping that things will get better for the people they helped. Those people were very excited and they were thankful for everything.

Therefore, we can observe that there are different ways to help people who were downed by the „Generations Conflict”. The GOW 2015 campaign inspired the students to share their knowledge which is something  naturally for them, things being different in the real life. 

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Comment by Gabi Barna on April 3, 2015 at 11:07

Super active partner during the Hai pe Net campaign in Romania! Thank you for all your work!

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