Short summary of GOW 2016 outcomes in Russia

Get Online Week 2016 ran from 14 to 20 March and brought together more than 150 universities, schools, NGOs and libraries throughout Russia, supporting over 30,000 people of different age and level of ICT competence in their online journeys.

Over 700 events and activities were offered for GOW 2016 participants this year to help them get online, master digital literacy and ICT skills, learn how to create digital portfolio  and open new opportunities with the help of informational technologies.

More than 10,000 participants were registered on the Russia’s page of the GOW 2016 mini survey.

Traditionally, the GOW16 community was created in the social network, where participants reported about the activities around Get Online Week 2016, using the hashtags #GOW2016 and #GOW2016_Russia

Skillage eSkills self-assessment that had widely been used during the previous GOW editions, this year was also very popular with youngsters in Russia. According to the reports, 2597 young people tested their skills with Skillage during GOW 2016.

As part of this year campaign in Russia, the great variety of training events and activities were aimed at motivating youth to learn coding and explore different opportunities to pursue any IT career.

GOW 2016 in Russia was highlighted  by

1. The launch of the Week of Code MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for students from junior to high schools, their teachers and parents, which aimed at empowering its participants with the coding skills. Within a week, everyone who had registered for the courses had a great opportunity to learn six popular programming languages: Microsoft Kodu Game Lab, Microsoft Small Basic, Microsoft Visual С#, Microsoft Visual Basic, Java and Turbo Prolog and get a badge on completion.

2. In cooperation with Microsoft, PH  International (PH) launched and promoted the Russia-wide “Master of Code” contest for secondary and high school students with some coding familiarity, during which the students got access to valuable free software and video tutorials on programming websites, applications and computer games.

3. GOW was the starting point for successful partnership with the ERGOSOLO, the Russian  company, that gave the GOW participants the opportunity to use its online resources to test and develop high-speed typing skills on the keyboard, provide additional helpful guidelines, online tests and tutorials and 500 free vouchers for taking high-speed typing online courses to improve this valuable ICT-skill. 

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