Librarians from the village Kamyannyi Mist, Mykolayiv region, Ukraine have organized an interesting project. Using Skype, they held a conference of housewives who shared useful tips and advised each other about household things and duties.

The initial objective of the initiative was to test the new technology which local libraries have been getting. It was decided that a conference for women would become a helpful tool to test the technology. The event was advertised using traditional paper invitations and email messages.

Where can one find affordable quality food and clothing? How does one cook the traditional Ukrainian dinner and encourage all family members to help in cooking? These and other topics were debated at the Skype conference. The participants also discussed the online stores and fraud prevention.

Using Skype, one can overcome distance very easily. Distance can be an issue not only in the case when your contact lives in Vietnam and you are based in Siberia. It can be an obstacle even if both of you reside in different villages of the same region as well. You can call him or her for free if the telecentre in your local library provides free Internet.

Skype has also become a tool to attract new readers to the libraries, and the libraries in turn are very interested in the further development of similar projects.

The female conference using Skype was organized with the help of Bibliomist.

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