"Smart Hero Award for voluntary work" (GOW 2014 Germany)

After the first step is done- mainly getting people online, people need to learn how to effectively use the Internet for their own purposes. That is why the new German-wide campaign "Smart Hero Award" aims at supporting people who use social media to promote their voluntary work.

In spring 2014 Facebook Germany and Stiftung Digitale Chancen announced for the first time an award that brings attention to the usage of social media in voluntary commitment. People and organisations from all over Germany who realize their voluntary commitment successfully in and with social media will be awarded in four categories with each 1.000 Euros: voluntary engagement, civic involvement, social connection and voted by the audience.

Interested parties can apply to the "Smart Hero Award" or be proposed by others. Many people and organisations have already discovered the importance and advantages of social media for voluntary work. For example one organisation informs on Facebook about free cultural events in the area and provides tickets for less money for people with low income. Or a café carries on the Italian tradition that the costumers buy one coffee for themselves and another one for a person in need and promotes this tradition online.

The assessment of the competition entries are made ​​by Stiftung Digitale Chancen based on an objective set of criteria and their many years of experience in the assessment of social commitment and media usage behavior. The intelligent use of social media platforms for the successful implementation of voluntary and social engagement is in the focus of the evaluation.

The audience has the chance to vote for their favourite candidates from 1st of June on Facebook. Later on the award ceremony will take place on the first of July in Berlin.

Additionally the Smart Hero Award gives tips on Facebook about how to use social media for voluntary activities (Tip 6: What online is, does not need to stay online):

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