It is true that the socio-economic reality around Europe is making it very difficult for young people to manage and access the labor market. As a result, the quality of life among young men and women in Europe seems to be hindering. Their welfare is being reduced and that results to their personal and social development falling behind. Most young men and women are affected when they are at the point of transitioning from the education system to the labor market.

Prioritizing Social Entrepreneurship

It is a priority for the European Union to promote employment and self-employment through the promotion of creative initiatives for Young-led projects. Young people need to understand that their ideas and initiatives are going to form the future of the European economy. Promoting those ideas is more than just an idea. It is a necessity.

Entrepreneurship is the future for every young aspiring businessman or businesswoman out there. Social Entrepreneurship is growing more and more popular, and for a good reason. There is a necessity to assist with important societal problems. Charity and volunteering are no longer enough. Social Entrepreneurship is the future

Social Startups

Startups that will work towards helping and fixing the important social matters, will be the startups that will form the future for future generations to come. Nowadays young men and women are a lot more sensitized towards social problems, their impact on the people and of course their solutions. By taking that into account, they are able to think about the new ways that they can help through businesses and startups. Making a profit and helping society at the same time.

The European Union supports these actions by implementing projects like the YounGo and others that have been specifically created in order to be able and promote the idea of Social Entrepreneurship. Through these projects, organizations like the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development are able to do their part in helping people combine their expertise and social awareness.

Technology and the future of Startups

As it has been proven through research, nowadays the majority of startup companies has to do with ICT and Digital skills and competencies. With technology evolving on a daily basis, it is really easy to think o new ideas that will help with the technological advancement or provide new points of view and, at the same time, will work towards helping the social sectors.

ICT and Digital startups will dominate the future. With the right mindset, the right ideas and proper support the can turn young men and women everywhere to Social Entrepreneurs.


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