Social media for telecentres: Why, Which & How to?

For the Telecentre-Europe Summit session of Social Media & Social Innovation I was asked to provide some practical tips for the use of social media to Telecentre Network Organizations.

Underneath is my presentation that first tried to convinced the participants of using Social Media (WHY?), then gave some tips on WHICH social media channels to engage with, and finally gave some practical tips on HOW TO get as much as possible from the Facebook page of your organization.

The second part of the presentation contained a very visual training session on how to use Twitter, based on the online Twitter Newbie training. that Telecentre-Europe codeveloped with Foundation.

» Download the presentation (pdf)
» Download the script of TCF's Twitter Newbie Online Training (& preliminary training notes)


"curiosity" & "fun" content used in the presentation:

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