BIID`s participation at the Spark13 Conference

The Spark13 Conference, also known as the 4th Global Forum on Telecentres, was held on 28-29 May 2013 in Granada, Spain and was organized by Foundation (TCF), Telecentre-Europe, the National Society Information Agency of Korea (NIA), and Red Guadalinfo, a project promoted by the Junta de Andalucía and eight provincial councils, which is managed by the Fernando de los Rios Consortium.

People, Innovation and Sustainability – were the 3 major themes of Spark Conference.

Aside from plenary sessions, panels, workshops, Spark also featured participatory activities and interactive spaces such as the Marketplace of Projects, the Telecentres of the World gallery, the Apps Lab exhibition space and The Hub which was the main area of interaction.

During Spark13 Conference, Mr Shahid Uddin Akbar, CEO of BIID, served as a panelist in three different sessions : “Work : The changing face of Telecentres via Telework, Cowork and Microwork”, Marketplace: Innovation” and “Telecentres of the Future”.

During these sessions Mr Shahid Akbar shared examples from Bangladesh of how telecentres play a critical role to build a stronger society and enable new opportunities and new resources. The business models that BIID is running in Bangladesh are based on continuing innovation and inclusion and promote sustainable development. One of this business model that he is running in Bangladesh is represented by telecentres for entrepreneurs that aim to make telecentres sustainable but also to attract young people to telecentres, help them to improve their skills, make them use the existent content and to create their own content, as well as his intention to take this models further internationally.

BIID representative also talked about the future of telecentres as innovation hubs and their potential to empowering communities, to create jobs and to improve the access and the quality of training.

Mr Akbar highlighted the key services that BIID offers in Bangladesh and the major initiatives that BIID promotes in Bangladesh. BIID offers Intel Easy Steps Programme, a digital literacy programme in partnership with Intel but, the major initiative is the e-Krishok / e-farmer, an extension and market linkage programme.

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