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As a member of Youth Association for Habitat (I am a volunteer responsible for the implementation of Project called: „Empowerment of Youth for the E-Transformation of Turkey”) I had an opportunity to take part in Staff Exchange which took place in “Langas I Ateiti” (Windows to the Future) in Vilnius – Lithuania. For me it was great opportunity to exchange my experiences that I gained during my work in Turkey, and also to compare our work and projects which have being implemented in our countries.

During first day of my visit I met with Loreta Krizinauskiene, Algimantas Merkys and Rita Sukyte and spoke with them about our organizations, our missions and target groups. We could also share the knowledge and general information about ICT projects being implemented by Youth Association for Habitat (especially the project Empowerment of Youth for the E-Transformation of Turkey). My Lithuanian partners informed me about project which was going on in their country. Firstly they told me of Internet Access Points in Lithuania. Project, which has being implemented since 2002 provides free internet access for Lithuanians and at the same time aims to help with the modernization process, which is going in Lithuania. Since 2001, internet access points and the computer access points in public libraries are supported by the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Interior for balancing the difference of infrastructures of the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania. I gave information about Free Internet Access in public areas in Turkey. Then we were trying to find common things in our projects.
To make the communication between internet access points easier, an internet portal ( was established. In 2008, especially in the country sides 400 new points were build and 83 points were renewed. At the same year, decision about opening new centers for the places, which has uneducated entrepreneurship and technically poor infrastructure, was taken.

At the second day of my visit, I met with Gediminas Navickas – “Libraries for Innovation” project IT coordinator. I could also see how the internet access points work in practice, because I went to such a place in the public Library of Utena. At the moment this build and 83 points were renewed. At the same year, decision about opening new centers for the places, which has uneducated entrepreneurship and technically poor infrastructure, was taken. (

On the next day I met with Algimantas Merkys from “Windows to the Future” and was informed about the training content of the project in Computer Literacy Basics for a Lithuanian E–Citizen which was implemented in 2006-2008 and was funded by EU Structural Funds as well as Windows to Future founders. The aim of this project was to increase employment by the education of information technologies and to help people with using e-citizenchip services.50400 Lithuanian adults took part in ICT courses of this project.Finally he told me about ECDL in Lithuania.

On my 4th day, I visited a library which provides free internet in country side with Laura Grineviciute and examined their successful implementations. I found common practices with Internet access Points, which can be used easily by anyone even in a small village public library. On the same day I met European Volunteers which are working in Lithuania and made a presentation about Youth Association for Habitat and IT project in Turkey. We discussed about differences between Lithuanian and Turkish Volunteers practices.

Visiting in Lithuania was a great opportunity for me to gain some new experiences and also to see how do similar several projects in Lithuania are being implemented and supporting each other. I think that I will be able to use in practice those experiences and also to show my Turkish frind collegues new methods of work which can be used in our country as well. I’ve already shared that information with my project’s friends and I am also going to do an presentation about my visit to Lithuania.

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Comment by Gediminas Navickas on January 4, 2010 at 16:46
Web addresses should be: and - please correct ;)
Comment by Laia Fauró Gual on December 31, 2009 at 3:38
Thanks for leting us know your experience. Thanks for sharing!

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