Participate in the STEAMonEdu Photo Contest

  • Have you done a STE(A)M educational activity in your classroom, and do you have some pictures that show how interesting and exciting it was?
  • Participate in the STEAMonEdu photo contest! A picture is worth a thousand words. Help us to inspire other STE(A)M educators!

Contest rules and evaluation criteria

  • Each participant can submit one or more photographs for the photo contest, after registration on the STEAMonEdu platform.
  • Representatives of the STEAMonEdu partner organisations will be part of a jury that will evaluate the photographs and announce the 3 winning images.
  • The jury will choose the 3 winning photographs based on the following criteria:
    1. The image reflects the development of a STE(A)M educational activity
    2. The image reflects active participation of different participants
    3. The image has aesthetic quality and is stimulating, motivating or effective in communicating the phenomenon or concept of STE(A)M education.
    4. The assessment of the public vote (number and value of votes) is made through the STEAMonEdu platform
    5. The person participating in the contest has participated in the STEAMonEdu Forum, explaining the educational context in which the image(s) was(were) taken, as well as the purpose of the educational activity. The explanation is complete and consistent and it is a stimulus for other people to develop STE(A)M activities in the classroom.
  • Submitting a photograph implies acceptance of the contest terms and conditions.

Submission Deadline

All photos must be submitted by 25  March 2021. The winners will be announced by March 2021

Photo format

  • Colour or grayscale image
  • Maximum file size: 10MB
  • Allowed types: png gif jpg jpeg


The prize of this competition consists of the professional recognition by the members of the STEAMonEdu consortium;  by the publication of the three best images that represent the Art of STE(A)M Education at European level on the project website, social media accounts and other dissemination channels.

Learn more about the contest and the #STEAMonEdu project

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