As previously mentioned in our newsletters and articles, there are a lot of challenging activities in development to increase the impact of the network in different ways, always considering members’ needs and benefits.

Steering Committee members are currently involved in various activities such as improving our online presence developing the thematic resources repository and the Telecentre-Europe members directory. Governance and membership structure are also being constantly revised and developed to increase sustainability and efficiency.

We are happy to share all these improvements and services with the Telecentre-Europe members, and we will continue to inform you about the evolution of all projects. In front of us, there is a great opportunity to debate these developments at the Telecentre-Europe Summit 2009, that will be held in October in Turkey.

Steering Committee members are going to attend a planning meeting in Warsaw, focused especially on Summit preparations during the 20th and 21st of August. Please see the draft agenda attached!

A summary of the meeting outcomes will be posted in order to let you know how the different projects are being built and designed.


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