Stiftung Digitale Chancen and Chariteam team up to promote youth employability in Germany

Stiftung Digitale Chancen and Chariteam joined forces to support the YouRock launch event in Germany´s National Olympic Training Centre in Kienbaum.

The event was supported by Christian Schenk, who won 1988 the gold medal in the decathlon during the olympic games held in Seoul, South Korea, and his youth camp organisation 'Erkenne deine Stärken' (Discover your Skills)

Around 25 young people came together for one week to discover their hidden skills during this training camp - Christian Schenks history as a decathlon winner is perfect to teach them, that people have a set of different skills and only need to discover them to find out what they can do.

YouRock is a new European employability website, which lets young people create a skill profile, that is based on their activities. YouRock generates an employability profile that helps them to present themselves better to potential employers on a website, where they don´t have to compete with sophisticated CV´s of adults.

The idea fits perfectly to Christian Schenks organisation, which also has the goal to help youngsters to identify their hidden skills. Therefore we are very happy that he gave us the opportunity to cooperate and to increase the opportunities of young Europeans.

Supported by Liberty Global´s German daughter company Unity Media, the event aimed at testing the usability of YouRock and at getting an idea about how the platform is seen by young people and if they see a benefit in having a social network for youth employability. The feedback was stunningly positive and provided certain tweaks to enhance the functionality of the website. 

All of the youngsters were convinced, that YouRock is very promising and will also help to increase the employability of young people who are not intending solely to start a job career in the ICT industry but are aiming at jobs, that are not directly ICT related.

We hope to make this cooperation a regular event since it would help tackling one of the major problems in Europe: the fact that up to 900,000 jobs in the ICT sector remain unfilled although 5,5 million young people are unemployed.

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