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Some days ago, when I asked Sándor Ferge about the translation of his comment, he told me that a Hungarian proverb says: "Who is curious, gets old quickly". So... I might be taking a risk of growing old very soon, but still: I can't stop being curious about what might be going on in all these countries and cultures represented here!


Take humor. I don't know if it's the case in other countries, but in Spain some cartoonists are kind of "specialized" in making fun of how digital technology and social networks are changing people's life and society today.


For example this one from Laia Olivella, illustrator of the book El pequeño libro de las redes sociales:

- "Coca- Cola is following me on Twitter"

- ..."and Burger King is my friend in Facebook"

- "Remember those days that we were mere customers?"


or this one:

- "Why are putting your TV full of little notes with your comments?"

- "Because I'm inventing TV 2.0"


Or these from Mauro Entrialgo, webcomic of El Pais during 2007:

- "They would never do it to you:"

- "Your Flickr, your Blog, your Twitter"

- "In summer... don't leave them behind!"


- "In today's joke of my blog I'm going to say that the iPhone has rounded boards."

- "And what's so funny about that?"

- "Nothing. It's just going to raise visits, links and comments, just for mentioning it..."


I love those cartoons, and in Spain we have lots of them.


Other things that make me smile are some funny stories that come to my ears through friends or trainers teaching people on how to use computers. This one for example:


A friend of mine was phoning with her mother explaining her how to use skype and at a certain moment she says: "Mom, just close all the windows first". Upon which her mother lays down the receiver and my friend goes like: "Mom? Mom are you there?". Then, with her mother back at the phone she asks: "Where were you?". Says her mom: "I went to close the windows, just like you said".


So funny, isn't it? Well... It's of course not my intention to make fun of people, but these kind of stories show so well how difficult it sometimes is for a trainer to put yourself in the skin of somebody learning all those things we taught ourselves over the years in a rather unconscious and autodidactical way. Things that now seem so obvious to us, but that once were difficult to learn for us too, when we were digital illiterates ourselves...


So.. Here comes my curiosity again.. (oh dear I'm getting old!). What about you? Do you have some story like this to share with us? Please do so in the underneath comment space! Or maybe you can link some cartoons (with translation please!) of one of your national cartoonist that talks about life in the digital age in your country?


The best stories and cartoons will become the headlines of the next newsletter, I promise!

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Comment by Stéphanie Lucien-Brun on August 1, 2011 at 16:29

Hi everybody,


This one is one of my favourite: An "absurd" but hilarious perspective that challenges the notion of "obviousness" and "intuition". Just look the english translation and reduce the laughing soundtrack (somehow irritating..).

Comment by Gabi Barna on May 10, 2011 at 8:11

Hi all,


I would like to add a link to a a film (aprox 15 minutes) about a Romanina family getting they first PC and and first internet connection! I found it quite funny - hopy you enjoy it too! But it says a lot about how scared people are when they first start with technology!

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