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In the Czech Republic the National Safer Internet Centre (NCBI) agreed with the European Project Management Agency (EPMA) to co-work on the launch of the GOW2013 campaign. We took advantage of the good and proven experiences of our collaboration in 2012. There were a range of events and workshops organized during the campaign, which was launched under auspices of Mr. Jan Kubice - Czech Minister of Interior.  You can find the overall information about the GOW2013 campaign in Czechia on the

Outside of the main topic of the GOW2013, which was the employability of young people - including people with disadvantages, we promoted also safer use of the internet among participants of the GOW2013 campaign. A very important part of the safer use of the internet is a struggle against hate and violence on the Net. That is why we started the initiative against the hate speech online.  

Online promotion of the GOW2013 was very successful – for instance just the web site gathered almost 2000 visitors during the Getonline week campaign!

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