Supercharge your telecentre with Teseo open source management solution

Think your telecentre is doing okay? Well, don’t be content with just “okay”. It’s time to bring your telecentre - or telecentre network, for that matter - to the next level! Supercharge it with Teseo 4 Telecentres, a comprehensive open source management solution for telecentres and telecentre networks.

Developed by Vital Innova in partnership with Foundation, Teseo 4 Telecentres is designed specifically for telecentres using Linux. It boasts of the following features and functionalities:

  • web application accessible from any device
  • reports and stats can be generated in real time, allowing telecentre managers as well as network coordinators and leaders to make informed decisions and have better control of the budget
  • easy management of the telecentre on the part of telecentre managers, and easy management of telecentre network activities on the part network coordinators and leaders
  • enables advanced planning and better management of all training activities, including issuance of certificates
  • allows better control and management of all access, sessions and users, ensuring efficient use of equipment and better tracking of issues
  • enables global promotion of activities, thereby increasing participation


How does it work?

Easy to install and highly customizable, Teseo 4 Telecentres is made available as a SaaS (Software as a Service) on either a monthly or annual subscription plan. Subscription covers the following services: online training and support for technical staff and for telecentre managers; application hosting, management and maintenance; software upgrades; second level support; and various support resources such as online tutorials and manuals, videos and FAQs. It is currently installed in 228 telecentres and 3 networks, with over 105,000 registered users.


How would it benefit my telecentre or network?

With a smart solution like Teseo 4 Telecentres, you can improve the performance of your telecentre and telecentre network and thereby make it more sustainable. With important statistical information at your fingertips plus the ability to generate reports on the fly, you have a better potential of attracting new donors and funders. Additionally, Teseo for Telecentres provides you with a transparent means to measure the impact of your telecentre activities.

In the coming months, TCF will be selecting telecentres and organizations within the global telecentre community for the piloting of this telecentre management solution. For more information about Teseo 4 Telecentres, visit the website at For queries, please email


Alternative Solution for Telecentres Using Windows

If your telecentre is using Windows instead of Linux, no worries. TCF, in collaboration with TechSoup Global, will soon make available a software package called OneRoof. Similar to Teseo for Telecentres, OneRoof seeks to address the technology needs of telecentres by providing the means for telecentre operators to access the data they need in order to demonstrate the critical importance and impact of public access computers. This impact data can be used to attract funding and supporters.

OneRoof is currently in beta and is available for download for a limited time.  For more information, visit

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