Teachers training – for use of the international educational and certification concept of digital skills ECDL / ICDL

Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics, through the European/International Certification of Digital Literacy Czech Republic Working Group (ECDL-CZ) and with the support of the Czech technological company CertiCon a.s., organized several professional trainings within All Digital Week 2021.

In less than a month, three courses of professional trainings took place, which are the first steps in the training of ECDL testers. ECDL testers are the teachers or trainers who can educate their pupils, students or clients in accordance with the educational content (ECDL handouts) within individual areas of digital technologies (so-called ECDL modules) and simultaneously they are entitled to organize, guide and evaluate ECDL exams.

The majority of the participants in the training were teachers or school directors that find the ECDL concept important and strive to obtain the accreditation of testers. Most of the schools are considering to sett up an accredited testing room or even an ECDL testing centre directly at school floor. Already accredited ECDL test centres also participated in the training with the intention to expand the number of ECDL testers in their organization. The training took place online due to current government Covid-19 measures.

Also the most interesting and as well as the most difficult part of the training of future ECDL testers took place – the part for teaching and practical adoption of an international uniform methodology for evaluating the results of ECDL tests and using the national WASET information system.

We are very pleased that even in such difficult times, the teachers of many secondary and primary schools in the Czech Republic found the time and that they are motivated to do more for their students, i.e. to enable the students directly to obtain one of the internationally recognized ECDL certificates in the field of digital competences at school directly.

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