Teachtoday Award competition “Media, sure! But secure.”

Dear community members,

I want to inform you about the international competition award  Teachtoday “Media, sure! But secure.” Further information  is available on the website in English: http://www.teachtoday.de/en/759_Our_2016_competition.htm

and in Romanian: http://www.teachtoday.de/ro/937_Concursul_2016.htm

As I know, a lot of you are working with children and/or adolescents on the topic of “media education” and your projects give young media users hands-on experience about what it means to act responsibly in the digital world you will be invited to submit your projects now.

It is very easy to take part and no big hassle to fulfill the entry form. Closing date is on 31, July 2016 - but holidays will come earlier… so don’t hesitate to send your project Submission asap! It would be very friendly if you could forward this message to other interested people.

Teachtoday is an initiative for the promotion of safe and competent media use from Deutsche Telekom. It offers help to children & teens, parents & grandparents, as well as educational professionals with materials and tips for teaching, parenting and growing up in a world where media is part of everyday life.

Teachtoday was launched in 2008 as an EU initiative under the auspices of the former EU Commissioner Viviane Reding and implemented in many European countries by leading Internet, mobile and telecommunications companies in cooperation with the European Schoolnet (EUN). In Germany, Teachtoday was initiated in a partnership between Google Germany, Microsoft Germany, Telefónica Germany, Deutsche Telekom AG and Vodafone. In April/May 2014, responsibility for the Teachtoday initiative went over to the Deutsche Telekom AG and has been carried on independently in its own Name.

The Project Office at Helliwood media & education (www.helliwood.de) implements proposals and projects of Teachtoday and supports the German Telekom AG in its goal to promote media literacy development of young people and to develop concepts for best learning with digital media.

Thanks for supporting us with dissemination and good luck if you take part!


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Comment by Gerhard Seiler on July 19, 2016 at 13:12

The competition is completely open for all countries, not only in the EU – but even worldwide… Good luck to all participants :-)

Comment by Ekaterina Clifford on July 19, 2016 at 11:14

Gerhard, is this competition only for Germany, Austria, and Romania? Or other European countries are eligible, too?

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