Winter is coming and dwellers of many regions are preparing for the colder season. Many telecentres are helping users and organizations find online information about modern heating technologies.

Dovhoshyyivska community library, in the Rivne region, Ukraine has successfully applied for the grant to get modern heating equipment. At the end of last winter the local school had issues with heating boiler. The school’s principal Volodymyr Tkachuk learned about the grant competition in the telecentre of the local library. Together with the local non-profit leader Inna Lukyanchuk, he applied for the grant and their application was approved. The school received the new heating equipment, and local children are currently studying in much better conditions.

Telecentres have been helping not only organizations but also local residents. For example, Alexander Gilyuk, a user of the telecentre in the Chizhevsky Library in Oleksandria, Kirovohrad region, decided to buy an electric heater, but he had never shopped online before. So, he arrived at the telecentre and the librarian Ilona Kurikhina helped him make a choice and buy a good heater.

Employees of the Kozyatyn community library helped Serhii Polishchuk select an electric heater. He has been a user of this library for 44 years. He was one of the first students of the library’s telecentre program for retired citizens, that is why he knew where he could look for help in his shopping.

Many users of telecentres located in the libraries have been helped by those telecentres in their search of improvements to prepare homes to winter.

This article was prepared with the help of Bibliomist, a network of telecentres in Ukraine.

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