Telecentre Europe joined the e-Facilitators' Summer School

Last month (22-28th June) Telecentre Europe attended the first of its kind Summer School for e-Facilitators, organised by our Croatian member Telecentar in the beautiful town of Rovinj.

In this inspiring setting 27 participants from Croatia, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, Ireland and Spain gathered for a weeklong learning experience on media literacy. Telecentre Europe’s Policy and Project Officer Gabriela Ruseva attended the event, but our network was also represented by three of our member organisations – Telecentar, Maks and Interface3. Our member from Northern Italy – ERVET – was represented by its local partner Officine.

The Summer School ran three parallel classes:

  • e-facilitators went through a tailored version of the Telecentre Multimedia Academy on media literacy. Led by a mentor from Telecenar they learned how to manage a group multimedia project from conceptualisation through all steps of realising audio, photo and video products.

  • Coordinators discussed project ideas and formulated concrete project proposals in fruitful discussions on youth social innovation, coding in schools and e-inclusion ofyoungsters leaving institutional care.

  • The highlight of the Programme was TMA Kids – a multimedia literacy programme for younger children. A group of eight kids led by two e-facilitators from Telecentar created photo, audio and video in a playful and interactive way.

The training was based on mobile technology and e-facilitators discovered great tools and apps for photo, audio and video production of professional quality only with the help of their smartphone. Editing could also be done only through mobile apps.

TE representative participated in the coordinators’ group, but had the chance to observe the work of e-facilitators, too. The combination of a structured programme with informal settings allowed for creativity to flow in the three groups and all participants agreed that the experience was very useful for them. e-facilitators Sarah and Ine, will teach the news skills to their colleagues back at Maks upon their return. For us at TE this was an occasion to interact with our members and other similar organisations directly and hear from them about their plans and the training needs of their e-facilitators.

Supporting the capacity building of e-facilitators and their key role as educators in digital and transversal skills is one of our main priorities and we encouraged the participants to share their training materials with fellow e-inclusion actors on the Unite IT network. We are committed to support initiatives such as this Summer School. We came back to Brussels with ideas for future projects and better understanding of the necessity to support such networking events for our members.

Watch this video about our impressions:

We also discussed the place of telecentres in the Digital Single Market Strategy and in the implementation of the youth guarantee, the obstacles they are facing, but also how to find and seize the opportunities offered by these instruments. e-Inclusion and digital skills providers are positive that they can play an important role in the DSM Strategy, namely by providing the link between the creative and the digital and supporting grass-root social innovation by bringing opportunities for creativity to everyone.

Participants will stay in touch and continue their cooperation online. They were all invited to join the Unite IT network and submit an e-inclusion good practice, policy or resource to the database and come to Telecentre Europe Annual Conference in Belgrade in September 2015. Until then, stay tuned for the new working group to be created on Unite IT, bringing together ideas and projects on social innovation, one of the topics discussed among coordinators at the Summer School!

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