Foundation stages "TweetIT!": a Twitter-based question-and-answer contest

Twitter is currently one of the more popular social media tools whose strength lies in its ability to drive fast and easy communication, making it an effective tool for networking and information sharing.

That's why on Tuesday Otober 23 at 8am GMT (10am Brussels / 11am Kenya / 1:30pm Sri Lanka / 4pm Philippines), Foundation (TCF) will be staging “TweetIT!”, a Twitter-based question-and-answer contest that seeks to promote the use of Twitter among community members.

It’s so easy to join. Here’s how:

#1. Make sure you are a registered member of TCF's English community site and that your profile is updated with your Twitter ID. Not yet a member? No worries! Sign up now.

#2. At the top of the TWEET IT! event page, confirm your participation by selecting “Will attend” under RSVP on or before October 22 to enable us to verify your profile against your Twitter ID.

#3. Follow TCF on Twitter. To do this, log in to your Twitter account, go to, then click the Follow button. No Twitter account yet? Create one – it’s FREE! Here’s a quick guide for you.

#4. On the scheduled date & time of the contest, log in to Twitter at least 10 minutes earlier. @telecentreorg will announce the start of the contest via a Tweet, so make sure to constantly refresh your timeline to catch it.

#5. During the contest, there will only be 3 questions to answer: Q1 (easy)Q2 (average) and Q3 (difficult). These questions shall pertain to any of the following topics: telecentres, Foundation, and ICT4D concepts, events and activities.

Answer each question by tweeting in the following format: @telecentreorg   <answer>   #TweetIT

Example: @telecentreorg  ICT for Development  #TweetIT

The hashtag #TweetIT is required so that your tweet will be recognized as a contest entry. Failure to follow the specified format will result in automatic disqualification of your entry.

Tip: Use the Reply option in @telecentreorg’s Tweet so that your answer is automatically prefixed with “@telecentreorg”. That way, you need only type your answer plus the hashtag “#TweetIT”.

#6. All answers must be in English, unless when they refer to a specific person, place or thing.

#7. Only the first 20 followers who answer Q1 correctly will be qualified to answer Q2, and only the first 10 followers who answer Q2 correctly will proceed to Q3. In Q3, the first 3 followers to tweet the correct answer will be proclaimed the winners.

#8. Winners will receive special recognition from Foundation plus a TweetIT! winner’s badge. Contest results will be announced in all our community sites and our Facebook page!

For any questions, please post them as a comment at the TweetIT! event page and the RCCs will respond to you.

Come join the fun! Sign up now!

» Download contest mechanics

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