TeleCentres & Third Sector Orgs (TSO): New Ideas, for and from the Hub of every Community - IMAGINE WHAT IF....?

IMAGINE WHAT IF? every TeleCentre from around the world just champions one New Idea, the most popular of which is drawn from their Users suggestion box, and puts it into one Pool together with those drawn from the other c.500,000 TeleCentres all over the world. Imagine then WHAT IF every such New Idea carries just One Vote, and after all the votes are counted the most popular New Idea from those champions in the Pool is then implemented under a worldwide rollout plan. Imagine WHAT IF that process is repeated globally, regionally, nationally, in communities....and then monthly....just how long it will be before lives are changed utterly on the ground, and new Livelihoods are born in every community every month.?

Imagine WHAT IF we now delete the "WHAT IF" in the above and replace with "WHEN"...... and then re-read the above. IMAGINE WHEN we discover then that all this is possible today, that the Pool is a new Organisation where working together any and every community can be part of it now. There, every TeleCentre User can be represented by their TeleCentre through their National TeleCentre body, and in turn through Regional TeleCentre body as members-owners of that Org., called ICCO. This is one independent collaboration between all TeleCentres.... cooperating across the entire Third Sector too.....and all for one shared Purpose only - TO BUILD BETTER COMMUNITIES. That ICCO Org is a new International Community Cooperative Organisation, ready to collaborate as an Independent, Self-Operated, Self-Owned body by and for TeleCentres in collaboration with other participating Third Sector Orgs - and for the sole benefit of their respective Community Development. It is ready now for implementation from its base in Ireland (Europe) under the relatively new and dynamic European Co-operative Society (SCE) format. Every participating TeleCentre will benefit, but every Community that your TeleCentre serves will benefit all the more.

Together, as collaborating Global Communities, you can cross the digital divide to connect into a digitally networked world and open up vast Livelihood opportunities for every participating TeleCentre,their user members and their Community.

So imagine too, if you will, that your shared Purpose was to help fund the establishment of your Local Community's Village Hub(s) in each participating community, in order to leverage the existing power of the TeleCentre to generate new jobs, new business for the traders and new Livelihoods that will support and sustain participating Communities. A monthly programme could then be selected to fit your local vision and goals, and which would be drawn from a catalogue of possibilities or options that could include (depending on level of community and sponsor participation) ICT access, ICT kits, digital education, online job opportunities to fill global shortages, online traded-services opportunities to fill global shortages, catalogue listings, online franchise service providers and consultants, access to franchise outlets, franchise agents....and backed by a Village Hub Matching fund.....the list goes on. The more TeleCentre & TSO collaboration there is, the better the benefits.

The structure to be used will be ICCO and with its Social Purchasing cards programme, incorporating ICCO membership cards for local content providers and usb flash drive cards carrying content to its diaspora and other target markets, in a showcase promotion of local community culture and other content to satisfy needs and wants of their global community audience on demand.

Richard O'Farrell

The E-Communities.Coop group (Linkedin)

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