The 3rd Migration and Development Forum (Dan Hague) Netherlands

The idea of the Migration and development Forum has been existed as a direct result and product of the Sudanese Dutch Cooperation in Knowledge and experiences transfer through qualified migrants through TRQN Program.

The first Forum was held at University of Gadarif (28 February – 2 March 2015) as the first Sudanese Dutch forum initiated by Gedaref Digital City Organization (GDCO) and Gedaref University in the memory of the strong twinning between Eindhoven municipality (Netherlands) and Gedaref municipality (Sudan) for more than two decades, in addition to the foundation of Gedaref digital city organization in partnership with the digital city of Eindhoven (DSE) and supported by the volunteers for Gedaref projects (SPEG). The forum also, was held as appreciation to IOM Sudan, TRQN III and IOM Netherlands for conducting the first project with GDCO which is transferred to its partner Gedaref university to transfer of knowledge and skills of Sudanese diaspora and Immigrants to the university staff and link them with the university.  The forum was also held as appreciation to Mr. Adil Osman Gibriel and Mr. Ahmed Abdesselam for their great efforts to convince the IOM Netherland to conduct the TRQN III project in Gedaref.  The forum organizer invited the Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad (SSWA), representing the importance of maintain the relationships between the Sudanese diaspora and their country. SSWA supported the forum and the forum was very successful in discussing the diaspora and migration issues and considered by SSWA as the first migration and development forum.

 The Second Forum was held at Dongola University (29 Nov. – 3 Dec. 2015).

the 3rd Migration and Development Forum will be held in Dan Hague- Netherlands 7-9 October 2016

Objectives of the forum:

The general objective of the Migration and Development Forum is to establish a smart and flexible partnership between the State, Professional Sudanese expatriates, National civil society organizations, Universities and International community and NGOs. This partnership will accelerate and promote the transfer of knowledge and skills and hence reduce the migration impact of brain drain. The well-established integration of migration into development and economic plan, will positively contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development of Sudan.

1- Provide an international forum of professional Sudanese diaspora, researches, state, local NGOs, Universities and international community to engage a discussion on migration and development and the challenges facing the Sudan.

2- Exploring and introduction to the Sudanese migrant communities & professionals in Europe & North America.

3- Promotion and strengthening the linkages and ties of migrants with the home country and hence accelerate transfer of knowledge & skills.

4- Establishment of smart partnerships and cooperation between Sudanese institutions and similar international institutions.

5- Offering international technical, consultative financial and developmental assistances and support to the state institutions, academic institutions and NGOs in Sudan.

6- Introduction to the success stories in migration and development in Europe and north America.


Secretariat of Sudanese Working Abroad(SSWA)- SPaKTEN Program  (Sudanese Partnership of Knowledge Transfer Through Expatriates Nationals.

International Organization of Migration (IOM) -  Netherlands and TRQN Program.

African Diaspora Policy Center (ADPC) Den Hang- Netherlands.

The Canadian Committee which includes: -

Representatives from Calgary University.

International Canadian Water Organization.

Canadian Embassy – Sudan.

Sudan Embassy – Canada.

Gedaref digital city organization GDCO Sudan

Gedaref university

Dongola University

Alazhari University

Alahfad University

University of Expatriates

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