The Catalan Network of ICT Points bets on coworking

Coworking is growing in the Catalan Network of ICT Points. This new way of working has attracted the interest of some points of the Catalan network of telecentres and they are spreading the new model based on collaboration and synergies between workers. One of them is an ICT point in the City of Girona "Emprèn Girona".

"Emprèn Girona" accompanies and advises entrepreneurs who have a business idea and want to implement it. They spawn on regular workshops and conferences related to team management, business presence on the Internet or legal issues. Within this cycle,  a talk on coworking opportunities has been presented.

Coworking is a way of working in which professionals from different or the same professional sector share a  workspace and utilities (electricity, water, internet, phone, etc..). The model draws mainly on the possibilities of creating alliances with other workers and to initiate joint projects. The coworking replaces previous formulas of work as shared offices or telecommuting and provides added value: the ability to increase our network of professional contacts. Studies indicate that work from a coworking center is much more productive than doing it from home.

The manager of the CoEspai Girona coworking space, Celeste Senés, was commissioned to conduct the session at "Emprèn Girona". Precisely, Celeste was one of the people who received advice from Girona Emprèn to create her business. Now she shares her experience with other entrepreneurs explaining the philosophy and opportunities of coworking.

During the conversation she explained the origin of coworking and its model, benefits, costs, etc. to thirty people. In underneath video report (subtitled in Catalan and Spanish) you can see a fragment of the session and an interview with the responsible of Girona CoEspai.

Spain is the third country in the world with more coworking spaces.

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