The Community Animator: a youth worker bridging the gaps (including the digital ones!) between youth at the margins and society

The Comanity Project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus plus programme, has developed a competence framework for Community animators, that is at the basis of the Comanity self-assessment tool and training programme addressing youth workers who want to become community animators.

The Community Animator’s role will be to bridge the existing gap between young people on the margins and ‘mainstream’ institutions by acting as a “Social Mediator”. Community Animators come from the community, and are trusted by their peer group. They act as a point of mediation between young people who don’t trust ‘the system’ and the system itself.

The project has also launched an international online community, the Comanity Hub, where a number of resources concerning youth work and the work of community animators  are available for anyone interested in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Greek.

The project is finalising its piloting phase in Greece, Spain, Italy, and the UK and will end in December 2020. Our online course will be soon available for anyone interested, particularly for youth organisations willing to increase the competence portfolio of their youth workers.

Stay tuned on our web site , to know the launching date of the online course and o to download our transferability toolkit that will guide you in transferring the training programme into your context!

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